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Lonely Hearts and Phone Box Tarts

Phone Box Tarts Meet Lonely Hearts

This parody of London culture, Underground life, and the world's oldest profession has been outlawed in the UK (REALLY!). It seems that the London Tube system doesn't like fun being poked at itself and has sought to punish the artist-author who dared to parody the "Rondel", a shape they claim to have invented.

The book itself is a match up of Tart Cards (ads that sex workers leave in phone boxes throughout London - although this is also illegal) and Lonely Hearts Ads placed in local newspapers. So, when a "gentleman" requests a "fit, friendly and sports-minded blonde", has he met his match with "Tanya" who appears on her Tart Card wearing only thigh-high stripy stockings and boxing gloves with the motto "Fun, Fit and Friendly"? I'd say that this "gentleman" has, indeed, met his perfect match!

This book is also "Fun, Fit and Friendly". Not suitable for children, prudes or those without a sense of humour!



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