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Artists Books by Phil Dynan

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Serigraphy book by Phil Dynan

SERIGRAPHY: The Art of Phil Dynan covers over 40 years of works by the artist using "screen printing", "silk-screen" or "serigraphy". The book is broken into four sections, including Southwest art; Bike and Cycling art; book illustration art; and general fine art prints. It is 88 pages of full colour.

Southwest art prints

Two pages from the Southwest Art section

Running and cycling art

Two pages from Cycling and Running Art

Book illustrations from The Legend of Birdtoe by Phil Dynan

Two of the silk-screen prints from book illustrations

General art as serigraphic prints

Some of the general art applications created with screen printing

Screen Printing Magazine

Some of the publicity Phil's work has received in books, magazines, newspapers and on TV.






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