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Ranchos de TaosYou may recognize this scene...this is one of the oldest churches in the US, and is still in use.

Ranchos de Taos is located outside Taos, New Mexico. The church, which dates back to the 1700's is a masterpiece of design and and enduring structure. Its white walls, curves and general form have long been inspirational, not only to the Catholic parishoners, but to artists and photographers from around the world.

The buttressing at the rear of the church are full of character. Line and form merge into inspiration. Georgia O'Keefe is but one who has recorded this seductive architecture.

Photo of Church at Ranchos de Taos

I chose to work from my own photography and took a few rolls of film while I was at the location. Eventually I did a suite of eight serigraphs from the photography I did over a two day period.

This silk screen is 9x12 inches and involved a colour sequence of: (l) light grey; (2) medium grey; (3) light clay; (4) dark clay; (5) sky ~triple "split of pink, white and blue;(6) dark grey. The edition is 100 . They sell for $125 each, signed and numbered.

My favourite from this suite is a picture of the buttressing and measures 20x30 inches, edition of 40 sold out. Some Artist's Proofs remain on a very white proofing paper, giving good contrast to the soft peach colour that dominates.

Palace at Wa, GhanaThis second serigraph is entitled "Palace at Wa" (Ghana).

The sequence here, for an edition of 10, was:

(1) Sky-split of white to blue; (2) light grey; (3) light cerise; (4) medium brown; (5) dark grey; and finally, (6) medium turquoise.

The Palace, in Northern Ghana, has long been in disuse. But the graceful movement of the flowing walls called to me in much the same way as the Ranchos de Taos piece.

I have several proofs left of the serigraph, printed on a stark white proofing paper, which sets off the pastel shades quite nicely.


Mosque at Larrabanga, Ghana"The Mosque at Larrabanga" is partially from a photo and partially hand drawn. It was the first serigraph that I ever attempted rendering hand-drawn stencils for. I used a brush and needle to "paint" the tree. The wooden bits (beams) sticking out of the structure were hand drawn with a pen. The sky and wall definition was accomplished with hand-cut rubylith film.

This is a 6-colour (pass) serigraph in an edition of 3. The President of Ghana(Jerry Rawlings) has two of the edition.

I have several proofs on stark white proofing paper. Quite nice. Very delicate.

Serigraphy: The Art of Phil Dynan

A book of Phil's serigraphy spanning 40 years as an artist/printmaker.


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