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Question 30: Is There A God?

All Things ConnectedEntering the Underground July 7

  Question 30: Is There A God?

Original Painting - acrylic on canvas 36x48 inches or available as Limited Edition Giclee (24x30), signed and numbered.
This painting is part of set. "Question 30" relates to the July 7 bombings in London. The title is more complicated than it first appears. "30" referes to the London Bus Route 30 and the Route is mapped in the painting. "Is There a God?" is the questioning of "faith" that often comes up when people suffer personal loss. But it also refers to the relationship between various faiths - Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Protestant, etc. Lastly, in the painting, there appear to be devout worshipers in the majority and only one of the figures stops to pose the question. But who is the question put to?
The original painting is for sale and is also available as a giclée print, signed and numbered in an edition of 100.

Original Painting 30x48 Acrylic on Canvas - $ 2000.00

Giclee Print - $ 150.00

Small Print (12x18) - $35.00

Gift Notecard Box(5 - 5x7 cards) - $15.00

Set of 12 Postcards) - $10.00

Optional Print Framing (Large Print)- $90.00

Optional Print Framing (Small Print)- $60.00





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