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The Red Bluff Art Gallery - First Art Gallery in Tehama County opens. Phil and Ana are co-directors. Artist group is growing fast...they been hiding out in the hills...

Red Bluff Art Walk - Big do-ins in this tiny town, swarmed with artists and alpacas for two days.

Positive Energy

Bhavana Project My long-time friend, Linda Miller, has a unique project:" The Bhavana Project was inspired both by Buddhist tradition, and my dream to create a group work acknowledging the positive forces in our lives. Using flags as a vehicle, the idea was to send out positive energy to share with the world. Bhavana, the root meaning "to become", is a Sanskrit word which describes the emergence and visualization of intention. This intention can help to bring us more in balance with our higher self."

Arnie Gatton, cartoonist Strange & subtle cartoonist from Keokuk, Iowa

Anastasia's Art Art by Ana Nelson. She is a painter and professional photographer.

Asya Lesly - Artist/Designer/SeamstressAsya Lesly - Fiber Artist - Designer - Art Quilter

Runners ID Tags ID Tags Colourful, inexpensive ID tags for athletes, hikers, kids & pets.

Max planting earthworms Sustainable Living Chico State students walking the talk.

Hari's Comix Hari Conner, Cartoonist British comic book creator & student

Acapulco, Mexico Visit Mexico Travel to beautiful Mexico!

Lazy K Ranch Northern California authentic working ranch and wedding/event site

Journalist John Pilger Dead-honest reporting you won't find elsewhere.

Phil's Art at the Saatchi

Phil's Art at Fine Art America

Phil's framed work for sale at ImageKind

Banner below leads to cartoons by my friend Arnie Gatton:

Arnie's Link