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Illustrator Phil Dynan working in his studio

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Book, Poster, T-Shirt, Event, Advertising Art, etc.

Raster, Vector, silk screen, Photo & the Old Fashioned method, too!

Phil Dynan has an international reputation for illustration and design and his work has been published in over 107 countries as greeting cards, posters, art prints, t-shirts, event advertising, book covers, and more.

Associated with Blue Oaks Arts, Phil works full time as an illustrator and designer. He is available for any assignment, willing to work in whatever medium you need, and travel to wherever needed. His assignments have taken him to places like Switzerland, Ethiopia, the UK, Canada, Mexico and France. Each place he has worked has also left an impression and added to Phil's design repertroire. Clients have included the LA Marathon, the SF Marathon, Hallmark Cards (KC), International Business Systems (Sweden), International Management Group, Rainbow Bridge (UK), White Publishing (France), Bruce McGaw Graphics (NY), the Graphic Factory (Japan), Verkerke Reprodukties (Holland), the Lake Tahoe Marathon, the Tour de France, the Nevada City Classic, and the Coors Classic Criterium.

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Two recent assignments:

International Festival Fun Run Watershed Celebration Fun Run design poster




Book Cover

In 2007 Phil continues to promote his book, BROTHER EAGLE, SISTER MOON. The novel tells the story of an Iraqi family and their plight during the current occupation by the US.

A 12-year-old boy and his 16-year-old sister are two of the most important characters in the story of how their family copes with the current war in Iraq. The story is based on true-life experiences.

An American Army Sergeant (Ernesto Alvarez, 101st Airborne) is also a central character to the novel. The story illustrates the complexity of being "on the ground" in a country on the edge of anarchy; and yet, performing duties in an intelligent, compassionate and honourable manner.

Please order your copy of the book by clicking here.