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Gallery Row Project Comp

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Gallery Rowby Phil Dynan & Ana Nelson

Based on the concept of "reverspective" by Patrick Hughes

Featuring art by Patrick Hughes, Phil Dynan, Anastasia Nelson & Stephen Bennett

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Galerie Marcel du Chat
The Rainbow Gallery
Upstairs Gallery
  Galerie Marcel du Chat
  Rainbow Gallery
The Lucky Cow
Gallery Row street
The Lucky Cow
  Sky Panel
  Street Panel


Anastasia Nelson

Phil Dynan

Anastasia Nelson

Ana Nelson working on the Barnyard paintings

Gallery Row is a proposed piece for Patrick Hughes. It depicts a row of art galleries at sunset. Art featured in the windows of the various galleries is by Phil Dynan, Anastasia Nelson, Patrick Hughes, and Stephen Bennett. Full credit List - click here.

Phil Dynan at work on one of the drawings for the Barnyard seriesPhil Dynan


Barnyard exhibit at the Red Bluff Art Gallery