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Neurotic Energy of the City

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  Energy of the City/Énergie de la Ville
Available as Limited Edition Giclee (20x30), signed and numbered. (Original is acrylic on paper)
This painting is part of set. CITY ENERGY depicts the neurotic energy generated by city life. The snake represents the lies that government spreads in order to maintain "order and security". The Blue Man seeks to escape, but only in dreams. By day he dwells in the towering buildings and longs for the warmth of the sun. At night he is consumed with visions of escaping the neurotic city energy.
Available as a giclée print, signed and numbered in an edition of 100.

Giclee Print - $ 100.00

Small Print (12x18) - $35.00

Gift Notecard Box(5 - 5x7 cards) - $15.00

Optional Print Framing (Large Print)- $90.00

Optional Print Framing (Small Print)- $60.00





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