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Phil  at RT Run October 2010

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Phil Dynan, running artist

January23, 2011

January 2011 - 6.6 mile run

5 K - Movember finish - Phil & Nathalie at the end

Mile 8 of 10 on Boggs-Champlin Rd

27:29 5K

Relay Team 2010

Cattle at mile 7 on BC Road

Phil Dynan, Nathalie Romain, AMy Newstead -photo by Anastasia Nelson

Phil, Tracey & Frida on the cattle range run November 2009

October 2009 Run at sunset

Run on Masami Ranch, January 2009

Running in Lassen Volcanic National Park, June 2008

October Run

North State Running Club at Keswick Boat Launch-Shasta Dam

Sacramento River Discovery Center - race art by Phil Dynan

Rocklin Run Award

Relay Team

March on the ranch - warm & green

Running with Joe

Hereward Relay Team - Rutlands RC

Whiskeytown Relay Team

Phil & Larry at Mt.Lassen

With Lizzie

Ely Cathedral


November 1,2014

Running on the Ranch for fun. Perfect day today. 5 K . Ana and Frida support.

May 14, 2011

Celebrate The River 5 K - 21:09 Nice day, some wind - first place age division.(My weekly mileage hovers around 16-20 miles of quality running.)

April 3, 2011

Run Rocklin 5 K - 22:47 Nice day 2nd place age division.

March 26, 2011

Dog Island 5 K - 23:46 Cold, raining & VERY windy, first place age division. full gear.

January 23, 2011

Another Beautiful sunny day on the ranch. Ran at Lema Ranch yesterday. 2.5 miles in 17:59. Today did 6 1K intervals: (new-4:20); (same markers as last time) 4:12; 4:02; 4:27; 3:49; 4:03. Temperature about 60 F.

Great support from Ana & Frida. Did recycling duties as I ran...

January 9, 2011

Beautiful sunny day on the ranch. 6.6 mile run included 5 x 1K intervals: 4:15; 4:27; 4:27; 4:04; 4:05. Temperature about 45 F.

Great support from Ana with timing the intervals and warding off attack dogs along the way.

Movember, 2010

November 14 & 21, 2010 - Ran the Stroke Association 15 K on the 14th as a training run. Followed up with the "Movember 5 K" on November 21 - 79th of 400 runners in 23:35. (1st in age division). Nathalie also ran - and Jeannette took photos!

October, 2010

Run to Flournoy

October 17, 2010 - Longest run in quite a while today, 10 mles. From the house, out Boggs-Champlin Rd,and then onto the highway to Flournoy. Ana providing support. Felt good. Timed one "official mile" (mile 8) in 7:41. Cool and overcast.

Rancho Tehama: First "Running of the Pit Bulls"

October 2nd, 2010 - New PR - "slowest 5K ever" in 27:29. Took Third Place overall in the race. only chased by one dog. Great weather. Jim Smith and Jim Rudd ran the 10K and came in 2nd and third behind Chuck Whalen.

September 2010

Whiskeytown Relays 2010

September 19th, 2010 - Ran Leg 2 (5.3 miles) in the Whiskeytown Relays, averaging about 8 minutes per mile. Our team took First Place in our division. (Photo) - Phil, Jim Rudd, Jim Smith, Gene.

Cattle Run

September 12th, 2010 - Back to running alone on Boggs-Champlin Road. This shot by Ana is part of mile 7 on the run. (Alvares cattle.) Training for the Whiskeytown Relay (Leg 2) coming up on September 19th. And the RT Run (5/10 K) coming up October 2nd.

Mt. Lassen Run

September 5th, 2010 - Nathalie Romain and Amy Newstead visited from London this weekend. We did two runs together, the first on the Ranch and the second on Mt. Lassen. Beautiful weather. Good running partners. And Ana provided support! Training for the Whiskeytown Relay (Leg 2) coming up on September 19th.

November 2009

Fall Day on the Range

November 16th , 2009 - A brilliant, sunny day here on the Ranch. It is about 70 degrees out on Boggs-Champlin Road. Beautiful! Support from Ana, Frida & Tracey along the way, as I complete Workout 1 of Week 5 in my latest training programme. Thinking about the London Marathon....

October 2009

Training Programme Begins

Starting a 6 week programme to "Double Endurance" . Tough getting back into the swing of a training regime. Beautiful place to run, though (see sunset photo). Trial run of five miles, averaged about 8 minutes+ per mile....

January 2009

Winter on the Range

January 3rd, 2009 - A brilliant, sunny day here on the Ranch. A cold wind kept it interesting on a five mile run down Boggs-Champlin Road. Cows, sheep & llamas were the only spectators today. Beautiful! Support from Ana, Frida & Tracey along the way.

June 2008

Snow at Lassen Volcanic National Park

800 fires were burning in Northern California that day. We headed up to Mt. Lassen to get above the smoke. The 5 mile run was tough at first, then I seemed to acclimate and enjoyed myself. Nothing but the sound of the breeze and little waterfalls where the snow was melting. Nice!

October 2007

Ranch Time Trials & Rattle Snakes

Once a week I run a 3 mile time trial on the Ranch Road. Mile times this week: 7:00-6:59-6:38 . Not training for anything in particular right now. Came across my first rattler out here in three years of running on the ranch. It moved over the trail pretty quick, not taking an aggressive stance.

September 2007

Whiskeytown Relays

Larry, Jim Rudd, Jim Smith and myself placed 2nd in our age division. Larry had Leg 1 and I took leg 2. Jim Rudd wrapped up the Relay with Leg 4. Beautiful Day!


May 2007

Red Bluff 5 & 10K Race

Beautiful day for the running of this race to raise funds for the Sacramento River Discovery Center in Red Bluff. Ana did the 5K walk and I took 2nd overall in the 5K run with virtually the same time as last months Rocklin 5K. Also, did the art for the race.


April 15, 2007

Rocklin Run

This year's Rocklin Run was a huge improvement over past events and could turn into one of the most popular events in the Sacramento area with its unique cash prize schedule and law enforcement participation (200+ officers ran). I ran the 5k and took first in my age group (22:40). GREAT race. (I designed the logo and T as well.)

Preparing for the Tahoe Odyssey Relay

The third Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay is coming up on June 29 & 30th. This 178 mile relay was a lot of fun last year (we took third overall) and I am gearing up for this year's event. Same team. Same beautiful route.


March 2007

Unusually warm & very green

These gals are more watchful than usual - a lot of them are ready to give birth right now. I'm doing some easy Spring running in the hills and loving the weather.

Tracey and Mini-Moo ran the five miles with me this day. Both dogs love these hills as much as I do. We met up with Ana and Frida on the other side of the range.



Redding Marathon Relay

After the Hereward experience, this race felt remarkably easy. It was about 40 degrees and the sun was coming up as we started from Shasta Dam, heading south along the Sacramento River.

Ana & Frida had taken me to the starting point, and then they went off to do the 5-K walk/run at Sundial Bridge in Redding (California) with Kathy & Coyote.

I finished my (approximate) 10 mile leg in about 1:15 and handed off to Jeff Stone, who had driven down with wife, Kathy Pitts, from Yreka. Jeff eventually handed off to Dave Sinclear, Mendocino National Forest Fire Chief, who finished the race at Sundial Bridge. Our team took second - or last place - depending on how you want to look at it - there were only two teams in our division..

It was a beautiful day and I would definately do this race again. Left me looking forward to the next event.

November 2006

Hereward Relay

A forty mile jaunt over the fens, running between the Cathedral at Peterborough and the Cathedral at Ely (UK).

The fens were previously ocean bottom and are still muddy. A lot of runners wore cleats. I didn't and my feet slipped back about 50% of their forward motion with every step I took.

Team leader, Dave, started off leg three with me and we stayed together til the last mile or so. When we hit pavement (finally!) he asked me if I was going to "pick it up". I replied that my legs had never been so tired in 40 years of running, but after a short stop for water, I seemed to regain my energy and, eventually, I passed ten other teams before I finished my ten-mile leg.

Afterwards, my friend Jeannette helped "ferry" team members from point to point. I use the word "ferry" because the roads were (literally) closed by rain water...we braved the barricades and floated off to Ely.


Whiskeytown Relay - Fall 2006

One of my favourite races in the Fall, the Whiskeytown Relays are run in the shadow of Shasta Bali, all the way around Whiskeytown Lake.

Reno - Tahoe - Carson City - Virginia City - Reno Relay

2006 was my first Reno Relay. Our twelve person team placed third overall. We had a great mix of men and women, aged 16 - 60.

The race is incredibly beautiful, but early legs were very hot - over 100 as I went through Truckee. Night running was much more comfortable. I had one night segment that went up to Eagle's Nest at Tahoe and then another early morning (still dark) run through Carson City.

Loved this race. Preparing for 2007 Relay now.